Something old, something newer, as we dip into the archives for a throwback Thursday, beginning with a track entitled // Mary's Theme // from Italian composer


known for his film scores. The music is slightly haunting, with a melody that could sit well as a backdrop to an advert for anything that would make our lives that little bit happier, like one of those non-stick pans that you can virtually weld molten metal to & it will still effortlessly glide off, or a glow in the dark fitbit so that attackers can easily follow you as you go on your midnight run. It featured on the 1969 album // Femina ridens // forming the soundtrack to the 1969 Italian thriller // The Laughing Woman // directed by Piero Schivazappa . Up next, a flowing lead on in the form of Faroese singing songwriter // Eivør Pálsdóttir // who goes by the name

:: EIVØR ::

& the atmospheric track // Í Tokuni // off her 2015 album // Slør //. The MV evokes myths & magic tied to the land as an inspiration to wake up your inner Celt. Described as 'pop', Eivør's  distinctive voice transports you to inner peace in a mystical composition that the vocals win out in, as she sings about straying from the beaten path near the mountain edge of loneliness. Is there ever a resolution to a journey we have no map for? If you enjoyed the track, you can get unlimited free streaming, or purchase a copy of the album, here:

EIVØR │ s l ø r

• nJoy •

:: STELVIO CIPRIANI :: Mary's Theme [1969] ::

:: EIVØR :: Í Tokuni [2015] ::

[Art work: The Iguana With The Tongue Of Fire (1971) music by Stelvio Cipriani]


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