Checking out relative newcomers to the indie rock scene, the London-based band


with a refreshing tang of roll. Comprising of vocalist guitar players // Gareth Hoskins //
& // Miles Prestia //, bassist // Ricky Clark // & drummer // Isaac Robson //, they make a
dent in the need for inspiring new talent that might actually go somewhere, as they remind
you of what a modern day Beatle directed by Noel Gallagher of Oasis might sound like,
as we check out the debut single // You Look Like Something I Killed // released March
18th last year. Guys, don't write for greetings card companies, but you can see what they
look like, before dipping in to a track off their upcoming debut album // Into The Flop-
house // due out May 12th, and the aptly titled // Peckham Boys // because that's where
they live. It's also where they cement their own fingerprint in the pavement of indie
fame that reignites the scent of the Strolling Bones amidst the flavor of independent
lo-fi garage surf. Sandwiched inbetween is an exclusive Red Bull live session, complete
with British accents and more visuals, featuring the tracks // Versailles // & // Lovers
Night //. I am sold. If you are too, you can pre-order the album here:

TANGERINES │ i n t o   t h e   f l o p h o u s e

• nJoy •

:: TANGERINES :: You Look Like Something I Killed ::

:: TANGERINES :: Red Bull Exclusive Live Session ::

:: TANGERINES :: Peckham Boys ::

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