It's been a hot second since we've dipped into the experimental realm, so I'm pleased to note that Vancouver-based duo


comprising of singing musician // Cameron Blain // & percussion guitarist // Matthew Law //, recently published their second album // Long Lost //. It's melodic. Mildly transcendental. And electronica at its experimental best. In short, if you want a friend with a difference, this might be it, as we sample the enjoyable // Anniversary // by way of a free fumble, along with the album's title track. It adds up to some kind of adventure in discovery, with cover art that acts like a cross between a close up of your retina, and a wild landscape mapped by territorial abnormalities, a metaphor for the rivulets experience cuts into our spirits. Released at the end of March, the album's available to listen to/purchase at a name your own price here:

SOFT COPS │ l o n g   l o s t

• nJoy •

:: SOFT COPS :: Anniversary ::

:: SOFT COPS :: Long Lost ::

[Image: Cover art for Soft Cops album 'Long Lost'. Photo: Kjell Lindgren. Design: Jamie Anderson.]


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