One for the ladies, perhaps, as we check out a couple of tracks for #ThrowbackThursday starting with // Lullaby Love // off the 2016 album // Paperweights // from English singing songwriter & model


How did he get that name? Kanga? No, think 'Andrew', as you may be wondering why he looks familiar, having gained an appreciative following after he appeared in a Burberry  advertising campaign. His style is drippy pop the okay side of folk, saved by his looks and a voice that is reminiscent of Woodkid's . I have to temper the ride in a boat over the blue metaphor for an emotional appeal with someone who has been described as 'Berlin's best kept secret', the South African musician & singing songwriter


Her voice is other worldly pop for the disenfranchised, with a rhythm that asks you to consider just being you, but the unedited version, as we sample her live version of a track called // She //. I like the way the MV was filmed, as it winds its way up to the venue as the last person in. With two albums under her belt, and a confident stage presence aided by her grounding as a street performer on the streets of Berlin, she's an easy draw, & one to look out for. Will the last person out turn off the lights?

• nJoy •

:: ROO PANES :: Lullaby Love ::

:: ALICE PHOEBE LOU :: She [Live] ::

[ x t r a ]

:: ALICE PHOEBE LOU :: Fiery Heart, Fiery Mind [Official MV] ::

[Digiart: roo panes by IANA]


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