Taking a look back at a couple of tracks from former vocalist of American rock band,
"Screaming Trees" , namely the alternative rock musician & singing songwriter:


starting out with the song // House A Home // off his second solo album // Whiskey
for the Holy Ghost // released Jan 8, 1994. It's all very metaphorical, but also contains
a good bit of underlying advice considering assumptions, but what do I know? Black
& white suits reflective considerations involved in replaying yesterday's moments that
I forgive it the strains of a country blues violin ribboning it's way through the here
today, gone tomorrow air. He could sing this in an Irish pub, as could we all, given
enough liquid encouragement. Love the change in vocals in the track // Ugly Sunday //
 that featured on his 1990 album // The Winding Sheet //. Maybe it's the tang of Iggy
Pop that makes this come alive for me. Booze, cigarettes, & loose men. What more
could a girl ask for? You have to know me to understand the irony. Great track.

• nJoy •

:: MARK LANEGAN :: House a Home [Official MV] ::

:: MARK LANEGAN :: Ugly Sunday [Official MV] ::

[Digiart: mark lanegan by IanA]


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