Out May 5th, is the new album // No Shape // from American solo artist // Mike Hadreas //
 who goes by the name


His style is an intriguing mix of soft rock & pop, with a touch of Liberace that earns it the
genre of 'chamber', outlined by the track // Slip Away // with its musical score containing
an underlying echo of a harpsichord. At least, that's where it took me, with it's elegant
charm and layers of pink silk. With nothing more recent, I reached back a couple of years
to the song // Grid // off his 2014 album // Too Bright //. Hadreas highlights personal
struggles in his music, using it as a stepping stone for expression in a free world that often
encroaches into our own personal freedoms. The black eye is a give away. Most of our
scars are inside. The album is available to pre-order from a vendor of your choice, here:

PERFUME GENIUS │ n o   s h a p e

• nJoy •

:: PERFUME GENIUS :: Slip Away [Official MV] ::

:: PERFUME GENIUS :: Grid [Official MV] ::

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:: PERFUME GENIUS :: Queen [Official MV] ::

[Digiart: perfume genius by IANA]


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