Taking a look at a couple of tracks from Canadian singing songwriter

:: FEIST ::

as she prepares for the upcoming release of her fifth album // Pleasure // with its due date of April 28th. Her style is indie pop with shades of hippied out blue colored ballads. That might be down to it being recorded old style in a single room with little editing, but it does have a level of sophistication that belies the production, as we sample the title track // Pleasure //. Soft focus, like a day stretching between the silence of yesterday, the lyrics become a direction into a personal experience. You realize the quiet girl's actually got a lot to say. We're here for pleasure. I'm substituting 'pressure' for the soundtrack of my life, as I reach towards the alternative sound of the second sample // Century // with its similar beat spun cycled at a softer setting. This is like musical poetry found floating through the open windows of the empty streets of a Summer siesta. This will appeal to those who consider the Unicorn Frappuccino to be an art form. You can pre-order a copy of the album at a vendor of your choice here:

FEIST │ p l e a s u r e

Check out the Feist site for a special 'Pleasure Deluxe Package' , which includes Beech Wood Troubadours with mic in a custom wooden box.

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:: FEIST :: Pleasure ::

:: FEIST :: Century ::

[Digiart: feist by IANA]


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