Out April 28 is a new album from Irish rock band


Formed in 1989, the group is made up of singer // Dolores O'Riordan // bassist // Mike Hogan // guitarist // Noel Hogan // & drummer // Gergal Lawler //. This new offering features stripped
down orchestral pimped out acoustic rides of former hits, like their 1993 hit // Linger //, plus 3
brand new tracks. Familiarity breeds content as we connect with well known favorites that will
either have you going, "Alright!" , or "Whose bright idea was this, begorra!"  I think that's what
they say in Ireland, but I enjoy most things reworked to the point that I will try them out at least
once, like one of the new songs // Why //. Because I said so. I'm not doing this. It's pleasant, with
that Gaelic lilt that reminds me of Christmas oranges at the bottom of a medieval stocking. We
will wait for each other as I tick a check in the box marked 'sold'. The album is called
// Something Else // (don't tempt me ) & is available to purchase at a vendor of your choice

THE CRANBERRIES │ s o m e t h i n g   e l s e

Check out the artist's site for a pre-ordered signed copy. It's a crappy black t-shirt free zone. I
went ahead & checked. You're welcome.

• nJoy •

:: THE CRANBERRIES :: Linger [Acoustic Version] 2017 ::


[Digital graffiti: dolores o'riordan by IANA]


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