Sampling a couple of tracks off the new album // South of the River // from UK ambient music producer

:: BUCKY ::

released April 16, 2017. Self described as a struggling artist, their creative vision is explained thus:

"I have tried to paint a picture of my life for the last few years. Complete with random trips to the barbers and recording people while standing on my toilet out of my bathroom window. Hopefully I have captured some of it.

I dedicate this album to anyone who has been living someone else's life doing that 9-5 job and seeing all your time and energy disappear in front of you. In modern life particularly London life you are afforded so little of your own time and what little energy is left after a day spent.

This guy at work told me the other day that life is all about finding 'your bouncy castle' and for better or worse music is mine, so I hope that you find the courage to jump on yours."


I hear you.

First up, the experimental sound of // Green //. What am I listening to here? There's a radio in the background playing something else as the tracks merge & I realize that I am riding both ways on a single ticket. Okay. I checked I didn't have anything else on. Did you? Then I rolled with it. Is this 2 album's in one? Re-finding the familiar in the album's 4th track // Meltdown //, but there's still some glitch. This is one interesting composition. If you'd like to check out the rest of the album, you can sample/buy it here: 

BUCKY │ s o u t h   o f   t h e   r i v e r

• nJoy •

:: BUCKY :: Green ::

:: BUCKY :: Meltdown ::


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