Need some motivation to start the week off with a musical alarm? Making some noize is Czech Republic pop punk group


with their new single // Silence // as they tear the attic apart with a performance any tantrum howling ex would be proud of. Oh the irony. This latest release comes reasonably swiftly on the heels of their debut album // Figures // that came out towards the end of last year on October 9, 2016.

"They will always be here with you.
Nothing changes,
but it can go wrong.
Next time don't let vanish your joy,
but think more..."

as the lyrics from // Spoiled // pop the balloon in your lazy resolution tied to resilient silence. The message is a strong one. If their style appeals, you can catch up with their last album here:

BRIGHTER DAYS │ f i g u r e s

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:: BRIGHTER DAYS :: Silence [Official MV] ::

:: BRIGHTER DAYS :: Spoiled ::

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