Due out in 3 weeks time, on May 5th, is the new album // Pollinator // from American pop
rock band


complete with cover art of a bee on a lotus blossom. Yes, the band has other people in it,
but it was always about lead singer // Debbie Harry // the punk Marilyn that was an icon
for a movement, who also modeled for Vanderbilt jeans, & became the artistic muse for
creative types such as Andy Warhol & all the teen girls whose boyfriends and their daddy's
lusted after a female wet dream prototype. Have they still got 'it'? What is 'it', exactly? Well,
let's think 'appeal', as we check out a couple of singles, beginning with // Fun //. Shades of
something, but not anything 80's, unless you roll over and find they've woken up on the wrong
side of the rock bed. Is this disco? Shudder! I can imagine people in silver shorts roller skating
to this at a rink near you. It's a toe & finger tapper, as she sings about love and being on time,
as time after time, you're on time. The dial gets reset in the track // Long Time //. Finally, I can connect the dots. Nice lyrics. Slightly too poppy for my liking, but it bridges the gap as I can
finally relate to their unique sound. New fans & seasoned admirers can pre-order the album
from a vendor of your choice here:

BLONDIE │ p o l l i n a t o r

Check out the official store for an excellent assortment of bundles, along with the requisite
black t-shirt that is an apparent must have. Seriously, marketing people. Is that really the best
design you could come up with?

• nJoy •

:: BLONDIE :: Fun [Official MV] ::

:: BLONDIE :: Long Time [Official Audio] ::

[ x t r a ]

:: BLONDIE :: Sugar On The Side [JOHNNY DYNELL rmx] ::

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