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Due out today, is the self titled album by Venezuelan DJ, mixing engineer, & electronic music producer, Alejandro Ghersi, a.k.a.

:: ARCA ::

With his out & proud personality combined with flamboyant imagery, he artistically promotes his personal stance that highlights aspects of the LGBTQ community. I am torn between the majesty of his musical compositions & the full on creativity in his videos, whilst recognizing that they are not for everyone. Think metaphorically theatrical & you will appreciate the expressive nature of an interpretive dance as we check out the track // Reverie // that sees lyrics set within a roaming movement starring a pink satyr dressed as a matador explaining his life in terms of the bull. Through the presented story, it becomes easy to identify with the idea of being used as an entertaining fix as opposed to a significant other. Intimacy means different things to different people, & when we drop our labels, we realize that it is an intensely human issue. Up next, the beautifully haunting // Anoche // that reveals the angelic vocals of a leading chorister. For those who find Arca's videos too OTT or flamboyantly expressive, encroaching upon the edges of your comfort zone, don't step away completely & miss the pathos filled voice that eloquently communicates an otherworldly sense set to exquisite musical compositions. The album // Arca // is due out today, available from a vendor of your choice here:

ARCA │ a r c a

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:: ARCA :: Reverie ::

:: ARCA :: Anoche ::

"... a ribbon softly pulled, the bow comes undone, the skin and shell breached pink & white light shining right thru closed eyelids"


[Digiart: arca by IANA]


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