Taking a look at some trending dance music via a 14 track playlist from Chicago's electro producing trio


with a mission to rescue EDM & art from the 'neon YOLO generation'. Is that me? Well, dang! Anyhow, they are ones to watch out for as their reputation grows, blending future house with mellow tracks played at the start of the night, before the in-crowd enters fashionably late. Call it a whiskey chaser, if you like, but it's a smooth lead in to some dope music. Who said dance music couldn't be introspective? We all have so little time, let's fit our DIY therapy sessions in where we can. Their other claim to fame? They make chalkboard safari animals. Something about an artistic background that craves expression in a world that demands, "Why?" Answers at the ready. If you are interested in sampling a few more tracks from these maestros, you can check out more here:

A U T O G R A F │ b a c k   c a t a l o g u e

• nJoy •

:: AUTOGRAF :: Originals ::


1   ▪   You Might Be [ft. Lils]

2   ▪   Nobody Knows [ft. WYNNE]

3   ▪   Episode

4   ▪   Changes

5   ▪   Don't Worry

6   ▪   Dream

7   ▪   Metaphysical

8   ▪   Future Soup [ft. Patrick Baker]

9   ▪   Heartbeat

10 ▪   Slow Burn

11  ▪   Horizons

12  ▪   Ocean Glass

13  ▪   Running

14  ▪   Future Sauce

▫ ▫

[Image: Neon makeup session │ photographer Hid Saib]


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