Taking a look at some recent releases on the Korean Indie music scene, starting out
with all girl group

:: LUCY (루시) ::

who put the icing on the cake with their latest dance pop song // B-DAY //. Girls.
Think homophones. Whilst we can think of bright colors, Easter bunnies, baggy
sweaters and ripped jeans. It's all so happy that you just know that they've baked
some pop rocks into each delicious slice, as we move on to South Korean singer

:: EYEDI (아이디) ::

& the track // Best Mistake // off her new album // Mix B // that features collabor-
ations with hip hop artists // Mac Miller // & // BoB //, along with Canadian-born
producer // Double Dragon //. I make no apologies for including all boy band


with their Korean verve dancing on a pole in the politely raunchy single // She's
On Psychedelic // off their album // I Am The Noise // released March 16. It's so
wonderfully unauthentically non-European that I want to make them so, if only
by default and personal favor. It takes the edge off the sweetness of K-pop. Some-
times you need a squeeze of lime.

• nJoy •

:: LUCY (루시) :: B-DAY [Official MV] ::

:: EYEDI (아이디) :: Best Mistake [Official MV] ::

:: THE BLACK UNDERGROUND :: She's On Psychedelic ::


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