Getting more classy than of late [perhaps]  with a Throwback Thursday  selection
of songs from American singer and actress


starting with // The Good Life // that featured on her 1963 album // The End of the
World //. Does anyone spot the irony? Known for epitomizing languid sultriness,
she had a voice perfectly suited for crooning lullabies, blues, and jazz, so it's
interesting to listen to her version of // Light My Fire //. Roll panpipe type
instrument. Roll Spanish guitars. And all thoughts of The Doors go flying out the
window. Who am I kidding, but this is a seriously enjoyable version. One could
almost imagine the next Japanese compact car advert for the new Suzuki Phyr
hurtling through the nearest YouTube video break at a pc near you with this
playing in the background. The song appeared on her 1969 album // Yummy,
Yummy, Yummy //, her final recording with Liberty Records. It's all so martinis
con queso that I have to end with her muzak 'n' jazz version of // Fly Me To The
Moon // that also appeared on her 1963 album, 'The End of the World'.  That's
about as much bite-sized history I can take for today.

• nJoy •

:: JULIE LONDON :: The Good Life ::

:: JULIE LONDON :: Light My Fire ::

:: JULIE LONDON :: Fly Me To The Moon ::

[Digiart: julie london by IANA]


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