3 x FLO

Sampling some ambient dubstep courtesy of Slovenian music producer

:: FLO ::

by way of a preview of his 4 track EP // Emeria // due out March 30th.
As a new-comer onto the scene, you will be intrigued by the refreshing
quality and spin he brings to his creations, with influences that make
electronic music sound like soul. Perfect for chilling on a Sunday, the
downtempo vibe has enough zest in it to let you go either way. The
digital EP is available to pre-order here:

FLO │ e m e r i a

Those funny symbols before the numbers are Pounds. Ikr? Let's not
mention Euros. If you want more, press play on a couple of tracks
from FLO's // Broobl // EP, courtesy of Slovenian record label
// DeepEnd! //.

• nJoy •

:: FLO :: Emeria EP [Preview] ::

:: FLO :: Broobl EP ::


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