Awaiting a release date for UK 4 piece alternative indie band


& their self-produced debut album // Infinite Games // we can happily sample a
couple of its tracks. No shame, these guys sound seasoned, as we check out the
enjoyable // Islands // with its electro pop backbeat to melodic lyrics that have
me thinking beach at low tide in high Summer. Very easy listening. I find myself
losing my thoughts in my memories. You guys are mind readers, as I eagerly
press play on the few day's old // Good Love //. Slight dance intro.. I'm OK with
that, as I am now keen on actually listening to what you are singing about.
Pleasant vocals, this is music to listen to on your own. With the promise of a
release date of 'sometime in early 2017', you can book your copy, along with
other items of interest, which include handwritten lyric sheets & signed
goodies, here:

ZOLA BLOOD │ i n f i n i t e   g a m e s

• nJoy •

:: ZOLA BLOOD :: Islands ::

:: ZOLA BLOOD :: Good Love ::

[Digiart: zola blood by IANA]


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