Feeling glum? Need a soundtrack for that? I got you covered, as we check out a
couple of tracks off today's freshly released album // You're Not As ________ As
You Think // from American indie rock band


Ideal for those on Spring break, back from it, jailed until their parents can come
and bail them out, and those waking up from a coma with no recollection as to
which beach party event was the cause, as we start out with the lyric video for
the track // A Better Sun // which reveals everything I hate about bad nail jobs.
Things possibly pick up, tempo-wise anyway, in // No Halo //. Should I actually
be listening to these lyrics? We're both being plagued, apparently, and he say's
it's not him. No surprises here, this is music for the male apologists, but there is
the word 'regret' in there. Hope springs eternal, and if you want more of this
low-key garaged dropped out rock, it's available to order here:

SORORITY NOISE │ y o u ' r e   n o t   a s _________ a s   y o u   t h i n k

Seriously. A blue cassette tape! And is that cardboard! Am I missing something?

• nJoy •

:: SORORITY NOISE :: A Better Sun ::

:: SORORITY NOISE :: No Halo ::

[pop art montage: cameron boucher of sorority noise]


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