Reading a recent news item about the self induced reclusive status of American
musician, singer, & founder member of rock band // The Pretenders // namely
the talented


put her front and center in my psyche. Wondering how I could have forgotten
about the success she brought to her personal brand through playing on a World-
wide stage, not to mention Rimmel (not-London) with an increase in sales of
black eye-liner, & flattering imitations of dead pan white face scowls from
beneath jagged fringes cut to the hazard zone, making redundant the need to
blink, wear sunglasses, or see much of the world around you. Credit where
credit's due. She was more than a fashion icon, with the group being inducted
into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005, some 26 years after the band's
first hit song // Stop Your Sobbing // was released in 1979. To mark some kind
of memory jolt, I chose // Back On The Chain Gang //, a track released in 1982,
that featured on the 1984 album // Learning to Crawl //. By way of a follow on,
I chose // Empty Room // by Italian dark wave band

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comprising of singer // Alessandro Belluccio // key board player // Claudia
Nottebella // & bass player // Adriano Belluccio //. The song appeared on their
2014 album // Oblivion // which was accorded the genre of electronic dance. For
Goths, maybe, but I felt that the track's title alluded to the sense of reclusiveness
afforded by one who felt unwanted by society that they went on to reject it
themselves, whilst containing enough rock to become an echo of former

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[Digital pop art: chrissie hynde by IANA]


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