An interesting discovery is the latest release from LA-based
psychedelic indie alt pop group

:: PALOMA ::

Entitled // Touch // this song is from their upcoming 5 track EP
// Luna // set for release April 28th. The band is made up of
// Victor Martinez, Nick Mariotti, & Steven Doman // who used
their personal experiences of living in California to impress upon
their music a sense of what it meant to them, and to imbue a feel
for the landscape from mountain to sea, in an urban to suburban
meld of personality defects that somehow all face in the same
direction. Having listened to their vibe, I don't sense that it is as
disparate as they might like to have us believe. It is soft rock,
popped out on an acid trip that turns out to be a couple of
Paracetamol & an 1/8th of a tab of Ecstasy, but what do I know?
The only Coke I snort comes in a can. This is one pleasant ride
through Gleeville in a soft top convertible. Wanting more, I found
a reworked/re-released single from a few months back. It won't
appear on the album, but adds a more indie rock presence to
their repertoire as they feel their way towards their first studio
album. Entitled // The Glass Family [51] // it's vocals excel in
a backdrop of independent angst and metaphorical fu's that are
so gently proactive that I would ruffle the hair on the top of
their head as I walked out the door. Without hearing the other
4 tracks, I already want more, but how to get it, exactly?
Selectively secretive, they appear to be shy of a record deal
so watch their Soundcloud space for available downloads.

• nJoy •

:: PALOMA :: Touch ::

:: PALOMA :: The Glass Family [51] ::

                                                                                                      Cover art for Paloma's 2017 EP Luna


1   ▫   Fish

2   ▫   Touch

3   ▫   Isabel

4   ▫   Thick Of It All

5   ▫   Climbers

[Gif source: azulestrellla blogspot]


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