Released a few weeks ago, the sophomore 4 track EP // I Know It's Nothing // from
English alternative post-punk band with the cool name


Innovative whilst sounding similar to something you've heard before, this is one that
will slip happily into your CD collection without a murmer and a guarantee of no
buyer's remorse, as we check out track number one // Breaking In //. Nice accent
coming through, combined with the sweet sound of speak singing over grungy base
lines that makes something inside me tingle. Lyrically, we're talking alone, that
quaint solvency that reduces you to the space inside your own mind, yet externalized.
Who cares, though. It's so pogo boppy that I'm happy to check out the more subdued
// Low Hummer // by way of tangentiality. At times, that's the only thing we have any
control over, and I like the bleeding heart sleeved lyrics. This could be a love song,
given my track record. If you'd like to check out the other 2 tracks off the album, you
can do so here:

LA BÊTE BLOOMS │ I   k n o w   i t ' s   n o t h i n g

• nJoy •

:: LA BÊTE BLOOMS :: Breaking In ::

:: LA BÊTE BLOOMS :: Low Hummer ::

[Digiart: la bête blooms by IANA]


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