Starting the week off with some lofi psychedelic shoe-gazing from Danish
dream pop group


by trying out the recently released // Musasabi // as we tumble out of bed
to hit Monday's floor running. Yeah. Right. But the intentions all good, in
this gentle rambunctious offering of a melee of oddment and fun. I have to
say I feel something strangely pleasant on listening to this, but also I question
my sanity a little. Perhaps it was the flying cat in the yellow cape that did it?
Someone find the battery compartment for these free running school girls. It's
all too wide awake wasabi this side of breakfast, but I loved it. If you do too,
the track is available to purchase here:

JESUS ON HEROINE │ m u s a s a b i

Seems like this is the first single since their 2013 album // Tremolo Eastern
Salvation // but they are still on track for one enjoyable psycho-experience
that makes me think beach, sea, chihuahua's on skateboards, and cartoon
smiles on yellow bananas. Ikr? You can check out their last album below.

• nJoy •

:: JESUS ON HEROINE :: Musasabi ::

:: JESUS ON HEROINE :: Tremolo Eastern Salvation [Full Album] ::

[Digiart: joh by IANA]


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