Checking out a couple of tracks from the 7th studio album // Silver Eye // by
English electronic duo


ahead of it's March 31st release. Made up of singing musician // Alison
Goldfrapp // & synth player // Will Gregory // the sound is a continuation
of their euro art pop that sprinkles on some Cocteau for tangential measure.
Can anything beat the success of their 3rd album // Supernature // as the
hope for something more ambient is also a feature of their progressive
creative journey. Out of the two tracks, my preference is for the dance
oriented // Anymore // with a mass appeal to those looking for something
they expect. The same can't be said for // Ocean // released a couple of
days ago. It's a little 'meh' , imho. But fans won't mind. We ordered this
months ago. If you'd like to pre-order, you can pick your preferred
vendor here:

GOLDFRAPP │ s i l v e r   e y e

Word to the wise, they don't all sell at the same price. Check out the
Official Store for some extra goodies.

• nJoy •

:: GOLDFRAPP :: Anymore [Official MV] ::

:: GOLDFRAPP :: Ocean [Unofficial MV] ::

[Digiart: goldfrapp by IANA]


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