Fancy some experimental music to blitz the boredom whilst releasing some mid-week
ennui? If so, I may have found just the thing by way of the freshly released track
// Don't Walk These Streets // from a collaborative team who go by the name


which is a joint project made up of British industrial musician, Kevin Martin, a.k.a.
// The Bug // & lead guitarist, Dylan Carlson, of American post-rock band
// Earth // who together produce the dystopianized electro-drone sound of a futuristic
mindscape. This is music for goths & geeks, and those who enjoy using the space
between their ears to unpick the scientific vagaries of life. If you need further
musical encouragement, check out the more imposing sound of // Snakes Vs Rats //,
which I like, but I've gotten used to that annoying insect drone from the earlier
single. Now there's this sweeping layer superimposed with magnetized drilling
next to a river of dancing orange-robed Hari Krishna devotees making some
kind of street improvisation. Did the earth move for you? If that's a yes, you've only
got a few days to wait for the album these tracks feature on, namely // Concrete
Desert // due out March 24. You can pre-order your copy from a vendor of your
choice here:

THE BUG Vs EARTH │ c o n c r e t e   d e s e r t

Are we all just something's ants in a sandbox?

• nJoy •

:: THE BUG Vs EARTH :: Don't Walk These Streets ::

:: THE BUG Vs EARTH :: Snakes Vs Rats ::

[Digiart: tbvte by IANA]


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