2 x ADULT.

Taking a look at a couple of tracks from American electro synth punk duo

:: ADULT. ::

off their upcoming album // Detroit House Guests // set for release March
17. The band are made up of musician and artist // Nicola Kuperus // who
teams up with her hubby // Adam Lee Miller // in a post punk revival that
clinks the edges of their glasses on the brink of pop. Why do I say that?
Because, whilst musical vintage influences abound, there is a modernism
that breathes fresh life into an 80's stalemate that makes it very enjoyable,
as discovered in the track // They're Just Words // that features the
singer from English EBM [electronic body music] band, Nitzer Ebb,
namely // Douglas John McCarthy //. As the album's title suggests, this
is all about collaboration, which includes guest artists from Swan's,
Light Asylum, & Lichens, to name a few, as we sample the innovative
track // We chase the Sound // featuring // Shannon Funchess //. The
musical Sudoku just works. If you'd like to play on a device of your
choice, the album's  available to pre-order at a vendor of your choice

ADULT. │ d e t r o i t   h o u s e   g u e s t s

Use code: MUTE10 on the Official Store for 10% off all pre-orders.

• nJoy •

:: ADULT. :: They're Just Words [feat. Douglas John McCarthy] ::

:: ADULT. :: We Chase the Sound [feat. Shannon Funchess] ::

[Digiart: ADULT. by I am not Alice]


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