Checking out a new release from dance pop duo, Rachel Brown & Nate Amos,
who go by the name


& the track // Cold Stare // off their upcoming debut album // Long Days, No
Dreams // set for release April, 14, on // Sooper Records //. It's jaunty in a
dream pop meets karaoke at a 12 year old's birthday party way. I want cake,
it's that happy. More, pleeeeze! But there is no more. As a taster, this could
just get me to pre-order. If you feel the same, same, click here:

WATER FROM YOUR EYES │ l o n g   d a y s ,   n o   d r e a m s

Eagle-eyes will note that there is a limited edition of 100 high quality chromium
dioxide cassette tapes to choose from. Don't all rush at once. Unless you want to
stare dreamily at this novelty, think about how you're going to play it. A more
innovative answer than heading over to eBay would be to buy an old Hillman
Imp with a pre-installed tape deck. All bets are off on how much mileage you'll
get out of it before it unwinds. I'm not entirely sure whether I mean the car or
the manufacturer's optional extra. For the rest of us, we get the smooth ride of
a digital download. Less headaches, less fun.

• nJoy •

:: WATER FROM YOUR EYES :: Cold Stare ::

[Gif: Animated Eyes by Ilham]


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