Out March 17, the debut album // Never Ending Winter // from El Salvador-born Canadian electro-wave music producer, Roberto Angel-Dwyer,  a.k.a.


Fresh from graduating last year from Nimbus, this musical introduction features collaborations with his fellow students, alumni, & local talent, to produce an eclectic journey that twists and turns towards wave combined with future garage & prog rock, with a blend of more traditional styles that echo his classically trained roots. This is music to read to. To think through issues. To cook by. It doesn't invade your space, easing your Sunday mojo before the start of a new week. The album is available to order from a vendor of your choice here:

MENTIRAS │ n e v e r   e n d i n g   w i n t e r

• nJoy •

:: MENTIRAS :: Never Ending Winter [Full Album] 2017 ::


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