To honor Valentine's Day, some loved-up K-pop. Ikr? But, still. Acting like chocolate
covered strawberries, the sugar sweet boppiness of South Korean singing songwriter,
DJ, actor, & TV personality


is perfectly matched with his co-star, the Korean pop singer // Jang Hyejin // and a
track called // Me and You // that can be found on the album // The First Person //
released February 7, 2017. Helpfully subtitled, the mood is enhanced by the sound
of waves over tinkling piano. It's suitably contrite, as some of you might be at this
very moment. K-pop enjoys a tradition of story telling amidst lavish sets and the
latest street fashion, including immaculate hairstyles. But it's not all for the young
but the young at heart. Love knows no age limits, as we turn to the hauntingly
beautiful voice of South Korean singer

:: KIM YUNA ::

and a creative MV for the track // Saimdang, Diary of Light - Part 2 // which is
from the Korean Drama of that name, in an interesting MV released a few days ago.
It's all a dream, right, and if not, tomorrow's another day, there's plenty of fish in the
sea, & when all else fails, there's music, art, and extra hot Cheetos.

• nJoy •

:: JUNG JOON YOUNG 정준영 :: Me and You [feat. Jang Hyejin 장혜진] ::

:: KIM YUNA :: Saimdang, Diary of Light - Part 2 ::

[Photomontage: jung joon-young by IANA]


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