Fixing for a Sunday meltdown by taking a look at a few recent releases from German
ambient music producer


beginning with a classical fusion in // The Others //. Dripping with the right amount of
chill, it opens up that door inside where no-one else goes but you. Reminiscent of rain
in the forest of your mind, you can hang out in your hammock, sheltered by a large
leaf, and watch moments pass by like they are happening to everybody else, before a
haunting melody breaks the reverie slightly in the track // Into Shadows //. By now,
you're hooked on the journey & set to appreciate the individual flavor of // Forgotten //
as he blends guitar with ambient wave. Ignore everything I said and just appreciate the
talent of this musical artist. All you have to do is press play. Follow the link for a free

TIM SCHAUFERT │ t h e   o t h e r s

• nJoy •

:: TIM SCHAUFERT :: The Others ::

:: TIM SCHAUFERT :: Into Shadows ::

:: TIM SCHAUFERT :: Forgotten ::

Tim Schaufert

[Surreal photo by Dariusz Klimczak ▫ Animation by George RedHawk]


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