Due out next week is the new album from American electro hip hop recording
artist & DJ collective


made up of founding members // Rob Garza //  & // Eric Hilton //  & a collection
of supporting artists that include // Frank 'Booty Lock' Mitchell, Ashish Vyas,
Natalia Clavier, Rob Myers, Mr Lif, Jeff Franca, & Loulou Ghelichkhani //
who combine to feed us an eclectic musical soup of reggae, dubstep, jazz, world,
Brazilian, under the banner of electronica, as we sample 3 tracks from // The
Temple of I & I // set for release February 10. No prizes for guessing that
reggae is the prime influence, particularly evident in // Let The Chalice Blaze //
with hip hop & rap being front & center in // Ghetto Matrix // featuring the voice
of American hip hop artist Jeffrey Haynes , a.k.a. // Mr Lif //  & // Letter To The
Editor // with vocals by reggae artist // Racquel Jones // , complete with social
statements working like musical graffiti for a generation that will always require
redemptive change. This might encompass all of us. If you want to add their
10th studio album to your collection, it's available to purchase at a pre-sale
price here:

P r e o r d e r   l i n k

• nJoy •

:: THIEVERY CORPORATION :: Ghetto Matrix [2017] ::

:: THIEVERY CORPORATION :: Let The Chalice Blaze ::

:: THIEVERY CORPORATION :: Letter To The Editor ::

[thievery corporation promo rework by IANA]


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