Taking a look at some post-punk indie from English duo


ahead of the release of their upcoming album // English Tapas // due out March 3, 2017.
They've only released 1 track so far, but it's definitely morish, highlighting their social
commentary that flows from the tongue like verbal graffiti to a hypnotic backing track.
I liked // B.H.S. // so much that I went in search of a couple of other earlier releases to
add flavor to a burgeoning repertoire. They'd probably say, "An effin' what?", but there's
more to these guys than indie post-rock. The second track // T.C.R. // is off their 2016 EP
of the same name. Can't help but being reminded of rap and the sort of undocumented
comments that come out of the overly pissed guys that hang around outside the chip
shop in the early hours of Sunday morning. It's why I wanted to reset the balance with
// Silly Me // off their 2015 album // Key Markets //. I'm reminded of the guitar work by
The Jam amidst vocals of Ian Dury. It's today, though, and any link to persons alive or
dead just adds to their appeal, imho. You can pre-order the album through the carefully
chosen link, which allows you to purchase a limited edition deluxe LP on red vinyl,
complete with a bonus 7" exlusive track entitled // Big Troubles in Little Costa // plus a
photobook collection taken at gigs by the band's photographer & media producer // Simon
Parfrement // a packet of Sleaford Mods king size rizlas [what are they for then, lads? ],
& a beer mat. Class.

• nJoy •



:: SLEAFORD MODS :: Silly Me ::

[Image: re-edited detail from Sleaford Mods pic by Simon Parfrement]


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