Touching base with a couple of tracks from yesterday in honor of
#ThrowbackThursday, beginning with Israeli singing songwriter
& musician


whose other claim to fame is being the founding member of folk
rock band // Asaf Avidan & the Mojos // as we listen to the title
track from his album // Different Pulses // released in 2012. The
MV holds the key to unraveling the mystery & I can't find the
lock it fits. There is a disconnection between the lyrics and the
enchanting dip into childhood, complete with roving countryside
& a best friend forever, which means until you move town, or meet
a similar spark of misadventure. Asaf's high pitched vocals add
perfectly disguised passion, like a secret held back that we
somehow understand. With some kind of continuity that may not
be immediately obvious, I introduce you to the electro dance band


a stage name adopted, in 2012, by saxophonist // William Rezé // who
decided to lend wings to his creativity by exploring all things electronic
influenced by groups such as Moderat & Massive Attack, collaborating
closely with music producer // Laetitia Bely //, as we check out // No
Mic Stand // off the debut EP // Intuitive // released December 20, 2012,
featuring the vocals of singer // Camille Després //. The video is suitably
one thing, then another, but if there is a single message, it's be yourself.
It's better to die happy doing something you enjoyed, than live for an
eternity miserable, but don't knock it. Misery is good company. I think
I've got off track. I didn't mean that pun. Seriously, Eric? I'm going now.

• nJoy •

:: ASAF AVIDAN :: Different Pulses [Official MV] ::

:: THYLACINE :: No Mic Stand [Feat. Camille Després] ::

 [Digital graffiti: asaf avidan by IANA]


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