As we sit in the detritus of our weekend's aftermath, we may as well check out
something weirder than it was by taking a look at a couple of tracks off the
upcoming album // Volcano // by the English psychedelic rock band


comprising of founding members // James Bagshaw // on vocals & guitar, // Tom
Walmsley // on bass, completed by musician // Adam Smith // alongside drummer
// Samuel Toms //. Inspired by a long standing recurring dream endured by the MV's
director, Alden Volney, where he is submerged by a sea of plastic, the video to the
album's lead single // Certainty // is a little trippy. Who needs drugs? Don't all rush
at once, as we head to the underground, questioning our lucidity and the fact that
we spend our freetime in rather a lot of darkness, attested to in Volcano's final track
// Strange Or Be Forgotten //. Is there no middle ground? Coming up for daylight,
and reaching towards the lyrics for some kind of hope, there is none. It's all about
choice. With a release date of March 3, you can pre-order, from a vendor of your
choosing, here:

TEMPLES │ v o l c a n o

• nJoy •

:: TEMPLES :: Certainty ::

:: TEMPLES :: Strange Or Be Forgotten ::

[ x t r a ]

:: TEMPLES :: Live @ OÜI FM Festival [23/06/2015] ::

[Digiart: temples by IANA]


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