Sampling a couple of tracks off the soon to be released album // Themes For
Dying Earth // by Canadian solo electronic musician // Jamison Isaak // who
goes by the stage name


The album features collaborations with singing composer // Nadia Hulett //,
Chinese/American guitarist // Dustin Wong //, the drummer and vocalist from
indie folk Band 'Bon Iver' // Sean Carey //, alternative indie collective
// Sound of Ceres //, & musician & composer // Jon Anderson //. It is a zen-
like, alternative indie ambient excursion into the quest for understanding. A
musical bench-mark for a moment in time where he recognizes that
humanity times ecology is balancing on the precarious knife edge of change.
Ahead of the album's release date of February 10, 2017, Isaak has let loose a
couple of tracks // First Rain // & // Cycle // that let you into the inner
landscape of his spiritually creative mindset. Will it awaken something in
you is the interesting consideration for a body of work that should be seen
as an invitation to widen our awareness beyond bowls filled with the spiciest
Asian Ramyen & loose change for the train ride home. It's about the larger
picture that asks where we are heading, and what we will do when we
lose what we thought we would always have. At the end, I included a
short documentary film outlining the creative concept. It's transiently
personal. You might find more than a bit of yourself in there.  The album's
available to pre-order here:

T E E N   D A Z E │ t h e m e s   f o r   d y i n g   e a r t h

• nJoy •

:: TEEN DAZE :: First Rain [Official Audio - ft. S. CAREY] ::

:: TEEN DAZE :: Cycle [Official Audio] ::

[ x t r a ]

:: TEEN DAZE :: Themes For Dying Earth // A Short Documentary Film ::

[Digital graffiti: teen daze by IANA]


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