Out on February 10 is the new album // Life & Livin' It // from Brit-born/U.S.A.
based musician, Ahmed Gallab , who goes by the name


producing music that's a blended variety of influences to include Sudanese pop,
alternative rock, & jazz. His other claim to fame is as the musical director of an
eclectic group of musicians known as the Atomic Bomb! Band  that include David
Byrne of Talking Heads, Damon Albarn of Blur & Gorillaz, & Alexis Taylor of Hot
Chip, to name but a few, so he's no lightweight in the music scene, as we sample a
couple of tracks, beginning with the lead single // U'Huh // as a necessary lift to a
new week & with its direction towards maintaining an upbeat attitude whilst the
rest of the World's going to Hell in a hand basket. I added that last bit in, as the
MV contains scenes pertinent to the Civil Rights movement, but you get the idea.
Stock my New Zealand nuclear bunker with plenty of crates of Castlemain XXXX
& a sound system permanently fixed on replay and we're set. We can overcome/
Find something to love/And love someone.  As one song ends, the silence is filled
with the upbeat sound of // Telephone // with a disco jazz funk pop vibe that makes
it hard to ignore its catchy rhythm. Bring me blues so I can shut down this happy.
If you fancy continuing the journey, the album's available to pre-order from a
vendor of your choice here:

S I N K A N E │ l i f e   &   l i v i n'   i t

• nJoy •

:: SINKANE :: U'Huh [Official MV] ::

:: SINKANE :: Telephone [Official MV] ::

[Digital graffiti: sinkane by IANA]


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