Taking a look at a couple of tracks from the electronic K-pop duo


comprising of singer and actress // Hyun Jyu-ni // & music producer // Dub // to
celebrate the release of their first single // Ez Come Ez Go [Gorilla-Man] // that
came out last week, on February 15, 2017. Delivered in a jazz funk style, there
is more body to this than your typical Korean pop tunes, making good use of
Jyu-ni's experience as the lead singer of all girl rock band // BellaMafia //. As
fleeting as a streak of red from a flying Cardinal caught in the side glance of
your distracted mind, there is so little to be found out about South Korean
performers, whose single releases are often labeled as albums, so I am including
the track // Nostalgia // said to be a favorite song off their 2016 EP, published a
couple of days ago. Can you guess what that EP is? Seriously, K-pop labels,
with the popularity of your genre, you should get your marketing departments
to think outside your country's box & give us connections to information and
purchases that won't send our anti-virus software raising alerts at every click.
That said, it's one enjoyable feast of electro pop magic with a jazz funk tang.
I won't give you any links as I'm off to run a third virus scan. You're welcome.

• nJoy •

:: SCARLET MOJO-PIN :: Nostalgia ::

:: SCARLET MOJO-PIN :: Ez come Ez go [Gorilla-Man] ::

[Image: Cover art for Scarlet mojo-Pin's 1st mini album 'A Sad Story Of The Near Future']


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