Taking a look at a new kid on the block, namely English singing songwriter
& music producer, Sampha Sisay , a.k.a.

:: SAMPHA ::

& a couple off tracks of his upcoming debut album // Process // set for release
on Feb 3. Labelled as 'electro/soul ', I was looking forward to something more
innovative, but this best describes his vocals, as he combines a talent for
playing the piano with a sweet melodic range. Having listened to several
tracks, I have to say that there's some hit and miss in here, but lots of promise
as well, like the first track // (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano //, fitting for
a first introduction to the man behind the artist. The lyrics are personal & heart
driven, a must for soul singers if they want to pull the emotive strings of
someone else's. My preference is for // Blood On Me //. Tempo only, as opposed
to lyrical influence. The suggestive impulse for this is not a pleasant one. We
all escape into the music of our memories. Relatable, this artist might just be
one to follow all the way through to his award for one of the most promising
newcomers of the year. I hope Ms Rowling  turns a blind eye to the car in the
tree. The album is available to pre-order here:

:: SAMPHA :: (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano [Official MV] ::

:: SAMPHA :: Blood On Me [Official MV] ::

[Digital graffiti: sampha by IANA]


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