Checking out the solo project of Brooklyn-based singing songwriter & guitarist


perhaps best known as a member of rock band // The Antlers //. Entitled
// Impermanence // the album, due out February 24, 2017, is a mellow mix of
musical introspection. The emotions have died down and we are in that hollowed
out stage called 'acceptance'. His voice is suitably haunting for such a state, as I
choose a couple of tracks to sample, beginning with the nostalgic // New York //.
Without lyrics, it would be a meditative melody that becomes profound through a
minimalist backing track to a touristic recollection, as opposed to // Karuna // with
a change in tempo reminiscent of the blues. The album's cover reflects the soft
focus drips of a reflective background into what it means to be us in the aftermath
of any given experience. You can pre-order, along with wearable goodies, here:

PETER SILBERMAN │ i m p e r m a n e n c e 

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:: PETER SILBERMAN :: New York ::

:: PETER SILBERMAN :: Karuna ::

[ x t r a ]

:: PETER SILBERMAN :: Ahimsa ::

[Digiart: peter silberman by IANA]


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