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Checking out a couple of tracks from the upcoming album // Offers // from American
four-piece indie rock band

:: NE-HI ::

There is no grasshopper in the group, which comprises // James Weir, Jason Balla, Alex
Otake, & Mikey Wells // as we start out with the title track that sets the tone for a vintage
guitar/70-esq sound that bleeds into today with no loss or compromise. Who will like
this? Well, quite frankly, I don't have a clue, but it is likely to appeal to those who don't
find guitar twanging an issue. You'll know it when you hear it. Not unfresh, it has a kind
of professional ignorance about it that is a trait of the indie genre, hence its appeal. The
vibe carries on in // Stay Young //. Everybody's smiling. It will do that to you. Well, as
much as you can raise the enthusiasm for doing so considering it's Monday. Due out
February 24th, the album is available to pre-order here:

NE-HI │o f f e r s

You can listen to one of its tracks while you decide which vendor you want to click
on. Very handy for the indecisive & those of an anxious disposition. Cheers, guys!

• nJoy •

:: NE-HI :: Offers ::

:: NE-HI :: Stay Young ::

[Cover art for NI-HI's 2014 self-titled album]


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