How's your Monday going so far? Need something smooth and uncomplicated to
get your sleepy head over the start of a long looking week? You might enjoy
sampling a couple of tracks off the upcoming album // Everything Is Forgotten //
by the Australian electro dream-pop band


ahead of it's March 3rd release date, starting out with the indie rock sounding
// No. 28 //. This will appeal to those who enjoy singing memorized tunes whilst
nonchalantly fixing things with screwdrivers, plus those who like to support
their friends well-meaning intentions as they plan their next impromptu flash mob
in the aisles of the local supermarket. It helps if there's more than 3. Dripping with
pop // Ubu // adds electronic substance into the mix. Although it isn't, it is almost
disco soul. One must remain ever alert. With lyrics that ask why you had to go and
cut your hair, this is going to be on replay in beauty salons all over...in...well,
somewhere. I admire their personality and contribution to the arts. Co-produced by
English music composer and record producer // James Ford // known for his work
with bands such as Arctic Monkeys & Foals, in conjunction with the group's
frontman // Jake Webb //, the album is available to pre-order, at a vendor of
your choice, here:

• nJoy •

:: METHYL ETHEL :: No. 28 ::

:: METHYL ETHEL :: Ubu ::

[Image: cover art for Methyl Ethel's single 'No. 28']


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