Checking out a couple of impressive initial sample tracks from the upcoming
solo project album // Wear Your Wounds // from Deathwish Inc. label founder
and owner, singing songwriter, graphic artist, & member of American metal-
core group // Converge //


ahead of its April 7 release, representing a collection of various solo recordings
he's made over the years. The album also contains collaborations with guest
musicians, such as // Kurt Ballou // of Converge // Sean Martin // of Hatebreed,
Kid Cudi, & Twitching Tongues, and // Chris Maggio // of punk rock band,
Coliseum. As tempting as it is to begin with the title track, it's more kind to the
ear to wade slowly towards it through the experi-metal (I mean't that) sound
of // Goodbye Old Friend //. Personally, I think it's a bit lo-fi dour, but the
meaningful lyrics demand it. The music has an almost oriental feel to it, as
a soft rock backdrop matches the low key vocal pitch. I enjoy the consideration
of the voice used as an instrumental layer. This is the mind speaking as the heart
breaks in a crowded space. Today, lost. Tomorrow, the spirit will catch up, as
the guitar strings become the long stepping stones falling like tears on a path that
has no destination but an enveloping cloud. Fittingly, it is the final track on the
album, as // Wear Your Wounds // is the first, complete with a heavy metal feel.
There's further evidence of musical experimentation. Every journey starts with a
realization. If first impressions are anything to go by, this is one alternative post
rock track that whets the appetite for more. If I've just described how you felt,
the album's available to pre-order from a vendor of your choice, here:

W e a r   Y o u r   W o u n d s

• nJoy •

:: JACOB BANNON :: Goodbye Old Friend [Lyric Video} ::

:: JACOB BANNON :: Wear Your Wounds [Official MV] ::

[Digiart: jacob bannon by IANA]


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