Out today, the new album from alternative indie band

:: FROTH ::

Based in LA, the group comprises of founding members // Joo-Joo Ashworth //
& // Jeff Fribourg // along with // Jeremy Katz // on bass, and // Cameron Allen //
on drums. Aside from touring and producing recording material, the guys are
conducting a science project that involves watching 2 slices of orange rot on their
van's dashboard. You just know you are in for an interesting experience as we check
out a couple of tracks from the intriguingly entitled // Outside (briefly) //. I think I
may have an idea where that came from as I watch a spaceman on a sofa suitably
kitted out in a pair of tighty-whiteys in the official MV for the song // Contact //.
There's more than a touch of psychedelia in this popped out shoegaze. A delight for
those with highly stressed minds that require a modicum of silence to reboot. There's
a slight change of pace promised by the opening of // Sensitive Girl //. It's beachy
in a back of the garage way. I like the indie touch of innocence and light hearted
take on rock, simplified through the grunge of experimentation that leaves the bubble
gum note stuck to the bottom of your converse sneakers. It says, "I wear my mistakes
with pride. I create my own reality."  Well. Something like that. The album is available
to purchase at a vendor of your choice here:

• nJoy •

:: FROTH :: Contact [Official MV] ::

:: FROTH :: Sensitive Girl [Official MV] ::

[Cover art for Froth's 2017 album: Outside (briefly)]


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