Checking out a couple of tracks off the upcoming self titled debut album
for American rock group


comprising of former founder, lead singer, & guitarist of the Mexican
garage punk band, The Butcherettes // Teri Gender Bender //, singing
songwriter, guitarist & founding member of rock group, The Melvins
// Buzz Osborne // along with its former drummer // Dale Grover //, &
the multi-talented // Omar Alfredo Rodríguez-López // former singing,
songwriting, multi-instrumentalist for American post-hardcore band,
At The Drive-In. First, a headlong dive into a sea of electronic pulse
and rhythm broken with punked out vocals via // Crystal Fairy //.
Prosperity lives in the restroom. A future album title in the making,
perhaps, and an enjoyable introduction to this rock amalgam as we
top and tail with // Chiseler // and a more garage rock appeal. No
complaints. It's what you'd expect when considering the line-up. If
you've had a bad week, turn the volume up loud, and pogo. You'll feel
a lot better. Points if you hear your neighbors banging on the wall. Due
out February 24, 2017, the album's available to pre-order via the link,
but brace yourself. The pink LP's already sold out.

CRYSTAL FAIRY │ c r y s t a l   f a i r y

• nJoy •

:: CRYSTAL FAIRY :: Crystal Fairy ::

:: CRYSTAL FAIRY :: Chiseler ::

[Digiart: teri gender bender by IANA]


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