With a published release date of February the 11th, I take a look at the debut
album // All Through Paradise // from Australian beat punk rockers


who describe themselves as: "Shell shock therapists, warlords of rhythm,
disciples of Samurai."   Personally, I love how unprepared they are for the
release, as we get to preview 12 tracks out of an eventual 13 of this newbie.
It'll take you to the backrooms of city clubs and pubs, most definitely a step
up from someone's garage. The prime influence is indie rock, but really they
have a personality all of their own, too slick to be true punk, but difficult to
ignore that direction. The lyrics are interesting, with words like 'arabesque '
setting the scene for a verbal parade of possible film titles. The collection
weaves an attractive spell. It will keep you company and be welcomed by
those who remember the heady days of pogo yelling, black painted walls
dripping with sweat, and the time you started your first band in an earnest
belief that you were going to go all the way to the next town and beyond.
They're better than that, but you get the idea. If this appeals to your inner
Goth, the 12 track digi-album is already available to purchase by clicking
the link in the preview below.

• nJoy •

:: THE BRAVES :: All Through Paradise [10 track album PREVIEW] ::


1   ▫   Black Mass

2   ▫   Lonesome Town

3   ▫   Nah

4   ▫   Death From Above

5   ▫   Intertwined With Dark

6   ▫   Black Arabesque

7   ▫   Comedown Kid

8   ▫   Magic Incarnation

9   ▫   Beaches Of Berlin

10  ▫   Howl

▫   Desolation

12  ▫   Hocust

[Detail from cover art by Izabella Wolf for The Braves 'Black Mass' single]


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