Gifted. Talented. Making music that has the mouth feel of licorice melting down
the spinal column of your soul. Borrowing from bands such as Dead Can Dance
& Satsang wannabe's, we wish that magic carpets really could fly, but who
cares when the music transcends the normalcy of an over-dusty coffee table
and a desk that defies the logicality of the Dewey Decimal system? Reference
to anyone alive or dead being purely coincidental, we kick off a sultry
#throwback thursday  to bathe in the watery Ganges of Indian sitar player &
music composer


and the track // Lasya // off her 2013 album // Traces of You //. If the name
sounds familiar, it might be because her father is the late Ravi Shankar , as she
carries on his tradition, mixed up with modern flair that feels like mellowed
out rock. I'm sold on hippie sounds so why not flick forward to 2016 and a
music project started by multi-faceted Australian folk 'n' blues singing
songwriter & record producing engineer, Angus Stone , namely


and the title track to the group's first album // Honey Bones // released
June 10, 2016. It's all so floaty floaty. Bong anyone?

• nJoy •

:: ANOUSHKA SHANKAR :: Lasya [Official MV] ::

:: DOPE LEMON :: Honey Bones ::

[Gif source: Dope Lemon's MV for Honey Bomb]


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