Peppered by a little bit country missing that little bit of rock and roll, we
are saved from a slit your wrists moment as we sample a musical story
by American singing songwriter


to celebrate yesterday's [ 01/27/17 ] release of her 6th studio album
// Stitch Of The World //. With lyrics that act like pages from her
personal diary, she sells us stories that play round the borders of
blues, folk, and soft rock, to finally settle on the porch of alternative
country. Not my favorite place, but her style is easy to appreciate
through emotive lyrics that make the ordinary moments worthy of
recognition, as we check out the first 3 tracks off the album, beginning
with // Heartache Is An Uphill Climb //. I like the allusion that the climb
is worth the final perspective. If only we could all start out at that place
from the beginning. She ain't no Ms Parton, as you start to settle into
the genre through // Dusty Old Man // from a live set filmed at New
York's Paste Studios a couple of weeks ago, that includes the song
// My Boat //. If it floats yours, the album is available to purchase


• nJoy •

:: TIFT MERRITT :: Heartache Is An Uphill Climb [ Official MV ] ::

:: TIFT MERRITT :: Dusty Old Man [ Live set @ Paste Studios, N.Y. 1/11/17 ] ::

:: TIFT MERRITT :: My Boat [ Live set @ Paste Studios, N.Y. 1/11/17 ] ::

[Digiart: tift merritt by IANA]


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