Keeping up a tradition of a Sunday meltdown via the latest chillout ambient offering from
Russian music producer // George Dobrev // who goes by the name


as we listen to a few tracks off his latest album released a few days ago, beginning with the
hollowed out // Inside // following up with the title track // Gubkin //. There's something
comforting about this genre, as elements of the musical construction are familiarly
disorientated, so it's fitting to end with // Night Melancholy // as it mixes soft trap with
glitch to end an enjoyable excursion into my mind via someone else's. How was it for you?

• nJoy •

:: SPACEOUTERS :: Inside ::

:: SPACEOUTERS :: Gubkin ::

:: SPACEOUTERS :: Night Melancholy ::

[ Animated gif by Mia Page ]


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