2 x T.O.L.D.

Crossing the midweek bridge with a new release from Brit-born/Los Angeles
based singer, songwriter, & producer, Daniel Smith , better known as

:: T.O.L.D. ::

which stands for The Order of Life and Death . We're in deep with this one.
His style is 80's electropop, with a dead pan voice to quell too much excitement.
This is about partying in your head, as we press play on // 1989 // and enter an
introspective dimension that speaks of rebirth by retracing our steps through
refusing the present. It's a journey about music and personal choices as he
invites you to join him in an exploratory quest towards inner harmony. Released
at the beginning of the year, the single comes on the back of his album // It's Not
About The Witches // that came out September 13, 2016. I include 4 tracks off
the album for a feel of his electro synth experimental style.

• nJoy •

:: T.O.L.D. :: 1989 ::

:: T.O.L.D. :: It's Not About The Witches [2016 Album ▫ 4 Tracks] ::

[Image: Detail from T.O.L.D.'s October, 2016 NYC gig poster]


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