Almost at the weekend, it's time to make some noize by checking out
Scottish alternative rock band


& their new single // The Psychopath Test // that arrives ahead of
their upcoming EP // Near Life Experience // due out January 27th,
2017. They are noise with clout combined with sophistication, like
reigned in hell. Video's not bad. Did someone tell you you had faces
for radio, though? No matter, I predict good things as we tuck in to
another track off the album // Confabulation // with a grime feel that
works well to lift an otherwise porch sedate offering. If you look
closely, you will note the free download arrow on the cover track.
Cobweb clearing, reminiscent of days when the sun is behind the
clouds, but we want it to stay that way.

• nJoy •

:: THULA BORAH :: The Psychopath Test ::

:: THULA BORAH :: Confabulation ::

[Image: cover art for Thula Borah's single "The Psychopath Test"]


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