Looking back through my musical text messages of a few months ago in
honor of #throwbackthursday  to post a couple of disparate tracks linked
by a theme, beginning with out and proud alternative indie artist

:: ZOLITA ::

& a slowburn movied title track // Holy // off her album of the same name,
released October 13, 2015. The intro. works like a movie clip enabling you
to interpret the lyrics of a song that makes a statement along the lines of feel
the fear but do it anyway. Worship your body as you walk my way. You're the
only one who can make me pray. That'll work, before we get real with some
street talking hip hop from British MC singing actress, Paige Meade , a.k.a.


in the track // Down // released towards the end of last year. If you haven't
heard of her before, I can recommend. Skill. The song features on her // Red
Velvet // mixtape. If you likey likey, you can get it here:


• nJoy •

:: ZOLITA :: Holy ::

:: PAIGE CAKEY :: Down ::

[Digital graffiti: zolita by IANA]


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